Ibuki Junmaishu

Kensei Yanai, the ninth-generation owner of Toyokuni Shuzo, a brewery that has been running for 180 years in Fukushima prefecture, plays the roles of both Kuramoto (a sake brewery operator) and Toji (sake maker), so his position is called ‘Kuramoto Toji’. His focus since 2011, after he took over the family business, has been the Ibuki junmaishu. The characteristic of this sake is that the thick umami first spreads through your mouth when taking a sip, and then flows smoothly to the back of your throat in the next moment. It leaves a fruity acidity on the tongue and has a refreshing aftertaste. It’s easy to refill your cup over and over again. 


Sake-brewing rice:Miyamanishiki

Rice polishing ratio :60%

Sake meter value:-


Amino acid content:-


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