Pacific ocean perch (Arasukamenuke)

A photo of Pacific ocean perch (Arasukamenuke)

The appearance of Pacific ocean perch (Arasukamenuke)

Common name: Pacific ocean perch, Black bass, Longjaw rockfish, Ocean perch, Pop, Rock cod, Rockfish, Salmon canary, Snapper

Japanese name: Arasukamenuke (阿拉斯加目抜)

Scientific name: Sebastes alutus (Gilbert, 1890)

Nigiri sushi detail: Pacific ocean perch (Arasukamenuke) Nigiri sushi


Pacific ocean perch (Arasukamenuke) is distributed north of Miyagi Prefecture, in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, and southern California. It inhabits the seafloor at depths of 55~640m. It is similar to the blackspotted rockfish (Aramenuke), but lacks spines on the lower margin of the orbit.

Arasukamenuke has been rarely caught in Japan in recent years, but fresh ones are tasty as sashimi. It was once caught in the Bering Sea, imported in large quantities, processed into fillets, and sold under the trade name Akauo. It was also processed into kasuzuke (fish marinated in sake lees) and misozuke (fish marinated in miso) and sold under the name Akoudai.

Recently, the number has been drastically reduced and replaced by golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo) in the market. It is also suitable for deep-frying, simmering, and meuniere.

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