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Sushi isn’t just simple combination of two things; shari and sashimi.
Sashimi should be thin enough to be swallowed easily meanwhile shari should be sufficient amount. One exception is anago which is rolled with less amount of rice so that its sweetness will stand out. Good balance of fish and shari bring out best in ingredient. A balance between fish and shari is carefully controlled on daily basis according to the fat content and freshness of fish.


How would you like to sit at an authentic, Edo-style sushi counter, enjoying sophisticated conversation with the chef? Sushi University isn’t just eating delicious sushi. We offer a full translation service that allows you to experience the culture and history of sushi, learn about seasonal toppings the chef’s specialties and style of the restaurant. It is also a unique opportunity to ask any questions that come to mind during your experience, all in Tokyo, the birthplace of Edo-style sushi. If you’re coming all the way to Tokyo to eat sushi, take the time to sit at the counter and taste the work and tradition put into a single piece of sushi, making it an experience you will never forget. APPLY NOW

Do you Know Edomaesushi?