Red flesh fish (Akami)

There are a number of popular sushi toppings of akami including Tuna (Maguro), Bonito (Katsuo), Striped marlin (Makajiki) and such. Its fatty and rich taste gives you satisfaction like “This is the sushi”. *Japanese terms will be italicized on sushi ingredients page.

<Akami-Red flesh fish>

Bashokajiki-Indo pacific sailfish

Binnaga maguro-Longfin white tuna

Katsuo-Bonito (Oceanic bonito, Striped tuna)

Kihada maguro-Yellowfin tuna

Kurokawa kajiki-Indo pacific Blue marlin

Maguro (Kuromaguro, Honmaguro, Shibi)-Bluefin tuna

Makajiki-Striped marlin

Mebachi maguro-Bigeye tuna


Minami maguro (Indo maguro)-Southernbluefin tuna

Shirokawa kajiki-Black marlin

Suma-Wavyback skipjack, Eastern little tuna

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Revision date: October 10, 2020

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