Silver-skinned fish (Hikarimono)

The silver sparkling skin and mouth-filling umami that you almost feel salty scent from the sea. Mostly served vinegared, Gizzard shad (Kohada) is the first on the list, Kasugo and Saba. Taking a lot of time and effort, hikarimono is the sushi topping that also shows professionalism of a sushi chef. Th ere are many people finding it hard to eat but it is actually healthy and rich in nutritive value. *Japanese terms will be italicized on sushi ingredients page.

<Hikarimono - Silver-skinned fish>

Aji (Maaji) - Japanese horse-mackerel

Ayu - Ayu

Ebodai- Japanese butterfish

Gomasaba- Spotted mackerel

Hamo -Daggertooth pike conger

Hatahata - Japanese sandfish

Iwashi - Sardine

Kasugo- Young Crimson sea bream

Kisu - Japanese whiting

Kohada - Gizzard shad

Mamakari - Big-eye sardine

Saba - Pacific mackerel

Sanma - Pacific saury

Sayori - Halfbeak

Shinko - Baby Gizzard shad

Tachiuo-Largehead hairtail (Cutlassfish, Scabbardfish)

Tobiuo - Japanese flyingfish

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