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Our company, Tabimori, Inc. is committed to assist travelers from all around the world to provide attractive and latest information for tourists.

By removing language barrier, traveler’s concerns will disappear and information will become more interesting when it was written in mother language. In order to meet those needs, we created a website in multiple languages that provide information of local food which is rather difficult to accurately translate with internet tool.

To start with, we launched a website (usefulmenu.com) which introduces well-established restaurants that the conventional guidebooks couldn’t cover. And another site (sushiuniverity.jp) provides opportunities to learn the history and traditions of Edomae sushi while eating great sushi dish. We’re interested in exploring sushi culture from all angles including its connection to tradition, place, people and innovation. Stories should be narrative-driven and thoroughly reported.

The both sites have been well received so far as useful and attractive information. This is the first step for us toward becoming more useful source of information for travelers.

*Sushi University was featured in the online version of “lonely planet”, the most loved travel guide in the world, “ CNN Travel”, “ USA TODAY 10Best”, ”BBC”, ”Forbes”, ”The Straits Times” etc.

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