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Atlantic salmon

Salmon that is eaten raw is mostly imported after being farmed in Norway and Chile. Salmon’s good fat distribution, smooth texture and beautiful pink color makes it a very popular sushi topping among all ages and genders. There are plenty of creative variations such as broiling the fish or adding mayonnaise. Learn more


How would you like to sit at an authentic, Edo-style sushi counter, enjoying sophisticated conversation with the chef? Sushi University isn’t just eating delicious sushi. Each excursion includes a skilled interpreter who accompanies you from start to finish, allowing you to experience the culture and history of sushi as well as learn about seasonal toppings the chef’s specialties and style of the restaurant. It is also a unique opportunity to ask any questions that come to mind during your experience, all in Tokyo, the birthplace of Edo-style sushi. If you’re coming all the way to Tokyo to eat sushi, take the time to sit at the counter and taste the work and tradition put into a single piece of sushi, making it an experience you will never forget. APPLY NOW

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