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A 211kg Pacific bluefin tuna (Kuromaguro) has fetched about US$147.000 at Toyosu Fish Market’s first New Year’s fish auction in 2023.

Masahiro Takeuchi, a fisherman from Oma Town, Aomori Prefecture, took it with a longline fishing. Takeuchi, who has been a fisherman for 23 years, is the captain of the 56th Shin-ei Maru and this is the seventh time he has taken the highest value tuna.

The highest price so far was US$2.9 million for tuna from Oma, Aomori Prefecture, which was auctioned off at the "first auction" held for the first time after the relocation to Toyosu.
May this year be the one in which all your wishes and desires come true. Happy New Year!


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