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A photo of anago sushi
Japanese conger (Anago)

Japanese conger (Anago)

What is Anago?
One of the popular ingredients of Edomae sushi. Anago(Japanese conger) becomes fattier from the rainy season through the summer. Just boiled anago has a soft texture and melts in mouth. High quality fat leaves a fine aftertaste. Best eaten with salt or tsume(boiled sweet with soy sauce). Learn more

Trivia : The naval (actually the anus) in the middle of the body serves as the border separating the head part (top) and tail part (bottom) of the eel. The fat is distributed better on the top. People used to say that since the bottom moves more it is more tasty. Also often said, “the top should be served skin-up and the bottom should be served skin-down.” Skin-up means that the skin side is on top and the meaty side is on the rice. Skin-down means that the meaty side is facing up and the skin side is on the rice. Conger eel easily melts apart when it is boiled and broth enters the part where it separates, so the appearance is not as appealing. But unless the crack is extremely obvious, both the top and bottom of the conger eel is often prepared skin-down in sushi.

Also called White spotted conger or Conger eel.

Main production area

TokyoBay Kyushu

Famous production area

Tsushima Hanedaoki Kishiwada