Prawn and crab

A photo of Gazami nigiri
Swimming crab (Gazami)

Swimming crab (Gazami)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】Gazami is distributed south of Aomori Prefecture, the Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, and China. They inhabit sandy muddy areas of inner bays at depths of 20 to 40 meters in groups. Its carapace is rhombic, reaching 25 cm in width. It is generally called Watarigani, including related species because it can swim long distances quickly using its last flattened leg like an oar.

The standard Japanese name "Gazami" is used only in illustrated books. Generally speaking, males are more delicious, but females with eggs are very tasty and are traded at high prices.

Gazami's flavor and sweetness increase when it is heated through steaming or boiling. Therefore, when making nigiri sushi, it is steamed with sake, and then the meat taken out is put on top of crab miso and roe. The crab miso and roe have a very rich flavor and sweetness and go very well with vinegared rice.

Main production area

Okayama Saga Fukuoka

Famous production area

Tara Yorishima


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