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A photo of torigai sushi
Japanese egg cockle (Torigai)

Japanese egg cockle (Torigai)

What is Torigai? What does Torigai taste like?
Torigai are found from Mutsu Bay to Kyushu and live in the muddy sand floors of waters that are about 10 m deep. People who see a piece of Japanese egg cockle (Torigai) for the first time, perhaps unconsciously hesitate before reaching for it. The name, “Torigai,” comes from its shape like a bird's beak. The more beautiful the color of the ink, the fresher it is. The thicker meat, the better they are valued. The tender shellfish meat is known for its distinctive flavor and fine sweetness. Many sushi fans are fond of this tasty treat. It’s wonderful because it is delicious both when parboiled and when served raw after cleaning with sweet vinegar.

Main production area

Aichi TokyoBay Oita

Famous production area

Futtsu Mikawawan