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Sushi chef will give you a lecture in Japanese language as if he/she is speaking to Japanese customer.
There will be an interpreter to translate sushi chef’s lecture into English. There are three courses which are basic, intermediate and advanced. In basic course, the lectures will be conducted at a sushi bar where office workers might want to drop by to grab a sushi dinner after work. Intermediate course, the lectures will be at sushi place where customers might want to celebrate important anniversaries. At Advanced course, the lectures will be held at a sushi restaurant where you would like to taste high quality sushi with domestic, natural ingredients regardless of the price.

Lectures will be given at counter seats, not table.
In sushi restaurant, counter seats are special place since visitors get to meet and exchange words with sushi chef. And also, visitors will be able to see chef’s excellent knife skills and hand-rolling technique of sushi making. Since there is a limited number of seats at counter, the participants are also limited to party of 7 (minimum num.: 2). 

Let us remind you of proper manner during the lecture.
Please kindly refrain from distracting chef from sushi making while he/she is hard at work. No particular dress code is required, but it is better to avoid flip-flop sandals. No photo-taking without permission of the restaurant. No photo-taking of other customers. Since a smell of the ingredient is one of the constituents that generate delicate flavors of  Edomae style sushi, smoking during the lecture is not allowed. Wearing a strong perfume is also considered inappropriate in sushi restaurant. Considerate manners for other customers will be greatly appreciated.

Let’s meet up at appointed hour in requested hotel lobby.
After you settle the payment, an interpreter will take you to a selected sushi restaurant which is located within 30 minutes away. Please take counter seats and then order your drink to start with. It might be a good idea to try chef-recommended Japanese sake that goes well with sushi dish.

Let us explain now how to order sushi.
You might find it a bit inconvenient that a priced menu is not provided. The prices are subject to change depending on the ingredient availability. Sometimes they lack of fresh fish due to rough sea conditions. Sushi chef will select ingredients of the day, make hand-rolled sushi and makimono (nori-rolled sushi). This is called omakase style. The food description of the day will be given from 12 different languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (simplified or traditional), Korean, Thai and Japanese)

Now the lecture is about to begin. It will last about an hour.
The chef will carefully make sushi while seeing how the customers like sushi they are serving. When serving, the chef will fill in some information of ingredients or certain method of sushi making. This might be best timing to ask questions to the chef. However, chatting away, leaving the food uneaten is unwelcome manner since it is best to eat just served sushi at desirable temperature. Sushi is best eaten when served with body temperature, so try to finish the food within 10 seconds.

Every course of sushi dish is served and then the sushi lecture is over.
Now you just have learned some history and traditions of  Edomae -style sushi. If you would like to try other item, additional order can be placed now. It will cost around 500 – 2,000 yen per piece. After you pay for the drinks and additional order, the course comes to the end. Have a safe trip back to your hotel. The interpreter will escort you to the nearest station. We hope that you will enjoy your rest of journey.

*Payment only in cash. No credit card accepted. You will be responsible for the cost of your transportation.

**Unfortunately, the online booking system is not available, so status of booking can’t be checked immediately. We first have to check the booking status and then arrange an interpreter. After that, we will send you a confirmation of your application. Advanced application is always welcome.