Areolate grouper (Oomonhata)

a photo of Areolate grouper (Oomonhata)

The appearance of Areolate grouper (Oomonhata)

Common name: Areolate grouper, Areolated grouper, Areolated reef cod, Green-spotted rock-cod, Reef cod, Rock bass, Rock perch, Squaretail rockcod, Yellow-spotted rock cod

Japanese name: Oomonhata (大紋羽太)

Taiwan common name: 流氓格仔、糯米格仔、石斑、過魚、白尾鱠、珠鱠

Scientific name: Epinephelus areolatus (Forsskål, 1775)

Nigiri sushi detail: Areolate grouper (Oomonhata) Nigiri sushi


Areolate grouper (Oomonhata) is distributed in southern Japan and the Indo-West Pacific region. It inhabits rocky reefs and coral reefs at depths of 10~30m. The body length is about 35 cm. It reaches a maximum of 50 cm. The yellowish-brown ground is covered with many circular or hexagonal blackish-brown spots. Similar to Brown spotted grouper (Housekihata), but this species has larger body spots.

Be careful when cooking them, as they may have pennella-like parasites on them. Its white flesh is surprisingly light, so it is crunchy, sweet, and moderately fatty with an elegant taste. Although small, it is a member of the grouper family, so it is expensive, costing around US$40 per kg.

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