Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai)

a photo of Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai)

The appearance of Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai)

Common name: Bicolor parrotfish, Bumphead parrotfish, Red-speckled parrotfish, Spotted parrotfish, Two-colored parrotfish, Bicolour parrotfish, Red-spotted parrot-fish

Japanese name: Irobudai (色舞鯛)

Taiwan common name: 雙色鯨鸚哥魚、青衣、青鸚哥魚、鸚哥魚、蠔魚、菜仔魚 (雌) 

Scientific name: Cetoscarus bicolor (Rüppell, 1829)

Nigiri sushi detail: Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai) Nigiri sushi


Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai) is distributed south of Wakayama Prefecture, from the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean. It inhabits shallow-water coral reefs and rocky reefs. The body length is around 80 cm.

Irobudai has a wide range of coloration and patterns between juveniles and adults, and even adults vary greatly between males and females. Juveniles are characterized by a two-tone white and orange coloration, while adult females are reddish in coloration and adult males are extremely colorful.

In Okinawa, all “blue-colored Parrotfish (Budai)” are called Iburacha, and are very expensive fish. The standard Japanese names for this fish are Steephead parrots (Nanyoubudai), Bicolor parrotfish (Irobudai), and Bridled parrotfish (Amimebudai). Its white flesh has no odor and is quite tasty, with a strong, high-quality flavor.


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