Blackspot goatfish (Okinahimeji)

a photo of Blackspot goatfish (Okinahimeji)

The appearance of Blackspot goatfish (Okinahimeji)

Common name: Blackspot goatfish, Blacksaddle goatfish, Tailspot goatfish, One-spot goatfish, Japanese goatfish, Northern kahawai

Japanese name: Okinahimeji (翁比賣知、翁比売知)

Taiwan common name: 大型海緋鯉、秋姑、鬚哥、紅秋哥 (澎湖)、黑點秋哥 (澎湖)

Scientific name: Parupeneus spilurus (Bleeker, 1854)

Nigiri sushi detail: Blackspot goatfish (Okinahimeji) Nigiri sushi


Blackspot goatfish (Okinahimeji) is distributed in southern Japan and the Philippines. It inhabits shallow reefs. Juveniles are found in small schools, while adults are found singly or in small aggregations. The body length is about 35 cm. Its body color is yellowish brown to red, with a dark band extending from the rostrum to the center of the body. They search for and prey on benthic animals with their two white whiskers. The season is winter.

It is caught in small numbers and is rarely available outside of its region of production. The unctuous white flesh is delicious in any dish. It goes well with oil and is often used by Western-style restaurants. The slightly soft flesh is tightened by heating and turns into delicious white flesh. It is delicious as an ingredient for meuniere and poele. It is delicious as an ingredient in Japanese dishes, such as sashimi. 


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