Broadclub cuttlefish (Kobusime)

A photo of Broadclub cuttlefish (Kobusime)

The appearance of Broadclub cuttlefish (Kobusime)

Common name: Broadclub cuttlefish

Japanese name: Kobusime (大墨烏賊、瘤〆)

Scientific name: Ascarosepion latimanus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1832)

Nigiri sushi detail: Broadclub cuttlefish (Kobusime) Nigiri sushi


Broadclub cuttlefish (Kobusime) is distributed from southern Kyushu to the Ryukyu Islands, the western Pacific, and the Indian Ocean. The Australian giant cuttlefish and the Australian cuttlefish in Australia are among the largest cuttlefish in the world. Its mantle length is over 50 cm and its weight can reach 12 kg. It usually inhabits coral reef zones. There are about 120 species of cuttlefish in the world and about 20 species in Japan.

Their flesh has an elegant sweetness and a stickiness that is typical of cuttlefish. Its skin is easy to peel and does not become hard when cooked compared to other squids. It also tastes sweeter when frozen. Fresh sashimi is delicious, and like golden cuttlefish (Sumi ika), it is also a standard topping for sushi, tempura, fried, and grilled dishes.

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