Cherry Anthias (Sakuradai)

a photo of Cherry Anthias (Sakuradai)

The appearance of Cherry Anthias (Sakuradai)

Common name: Cherry Anthias, Cherry bass, Cherry porgy

Japanese name: Sakuradai (桜鯛)

Taiwan common name: 珠斑花鱸、花鱸、紅魚

Scientific name: Sacura margaritacea (Hilgendorf, 1879)

Nigiri sushi detail: Cherry Anthias (Sakuradai) Nigiri sushi


Cherry Anthias (Sakuradai) is a Japanese native fish found in southern Japan. It swims in shoals near the seafloor in rocky reef areas at depths of 15~50m. The body length is 10~15 cm. They are protogynic hermaphroditism and change sex to male when they grow up. When they become male, they turn bright red with a pearly white pattern on their body.

Because of their small size, they are not suitable for eating. It is mainly used to make kamaboko (fish cake). Red seabream (Madai), caught from March to June, is sometimes referred to by the same name.


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