Giant oarfish (Ryuguunotukai)

A photo of Giant oarfish (Ryuguunotukai)

The appearance of Giant oarfish (Ryuguunotukai)

Common name: Giant oarfish, Oarfish, King-of-the-Herring

Japanese name: Ryuguunotukai (龍宮遣)

Taiwan common name: 皇帶魚、龍宮使者、白龍王、龍王魚、鯡魚王、地震魚、皇帝魚

Scientific name: Regalecus russellii (Cuvier, 1816)


Giant oarfish (Ryuguunotukai) is distributed south of Honshu, in the northeast Pacific and Indian Ocean. Its detailed ecology is still unknown, and it appears to live in deep waters offshore. The length of the body is about 5 meters. The maximum length is 10 meters. The body is elongated, ribbon-like, and silver in color. It has no scales and is densely covered with low wart-like projections. Its long red dorsal and ventral fins are beautiful, and its swimming appearance is fantastic.

Its flesh is white with white streaks, and its skin color is transparent with a high water content. If you can get a fresh one, it will never taste bad, but few people have eaten it.

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