Golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo)

a photo of Golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo)

The appearance of Golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo)

Common name: Golden redfish, Atlantic Ocean Perch, Norway Haddock, Pinkbelly Rosefish, Rosefish, Redfish

Japanese name: Taiseiyouakauo (大西洋赤魚)

Scientific name: Sebastes norvegicus (Ascanius, 1772)

Nigiri sushi detail: Golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo) Nigiri sushi


Golden redfish (Taiseiyouakauo) is found from the eastern coast of Canada to Greenland and Norway. It lives at depths of 100 to 500 meters. Because they live in cold water, they grow slowly, taking more than 10 years to reach 40 cm in length. It can reach a maximum length of 1 meter. Mainly caught by bottom trawl nets as 30~40 cm fish, frozen products are shipped to Japan from Iceland and Russia.

Taiseiyouakauo is distributed under the name Akauo as well as the Pacific Ocean perch (Arasukamenuke). It does not become hard even when cooked. The skin is thin and soft. Its white flesh has no peculiar flavor and is used for simmered dishes, marinated in sake lees, and other dishes.

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