Greasyback shrimp (Yoshiebi)

a photo of Greasyback shrimp (Yoshiebi)

The appearance of Greasyback shrimp (Yoshiebi)

Common name: Greasyback shrimp, Offshore greasyback shrimp

Japanese name: Yoshiebi (葦蝦)

Scientific name: Metapenaeus ensis (De Haan, 1844)

Nigiri sushi detail: Greasyback shrimp (Yoshiebi) Nigiri sushi


Greasyback shrimp (Yoshiebi) are widely distributed south of Tokyo Bay on the Pacific Ocean side, south of Toyama Bay on the Sea of Japan side, and in the Indo-West Pacific. It inhabits muddy sandy bottoms at depths of 10~30m. The body length is 10~15 cm. Its body color is light brown, and its body surface is covered with fine hairs.

Yoshiebi is not well known in the Tokai and Kanto regions but is often caught in western Japan, especially in estuarine areas and inner bay areas such as the Seto Inland Sea. It is mainly consumed locally as it is not caught in large quantities at a time. However, its commercial value is second only to Kuruma prawn. It is suitable for salted and grilled, tempura, and fried. The shells are soft, so they can be deep-fried and eaten whole.

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