Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Green Label

Since its establishment in 1920, Ishizuchi Shuzo has focused on Junmai and Junmai Ginjo sake, which is to be consumed during meals. In 1999, the brewery abolished the Toji (chief brewer) system and turned to family-oriented sake brewing.

The brewery uses fresh water from the brewery’s own well for brewing water. Because the rice is washed and pressed by hand, large-scale brewing is not possible.

Junmai Ginjo Green Label has a slightly floral aroma, a delicious rice flavor, and a harmonious acidity. The sake is characterized by its fine and smooth texture and is intended to be even more delicious from the third cup.


a photo of Junmai Ginjo Midori LabelSake-brewing rice: Yamadanishiki, Matsuyamamitsui

Rice polishing ratio:50%/60%

Sake meter value:-


Amino acid content:-


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