Kachikoma Junmaishu

Kiyoto Sake Brewery, which brews Kachikoma, was founded in 1906. The brewery’s motto is to brew sake in a small brewery way, not to increase the number of items and not to release new products half-heartedly.

The lineup is quite simple, with only five varieties: Daiginjoshu made with Yamadanishiki, Junmai-Ginjoshu, Junmaishu made with Gohyakumangoku, Honjozoshu, and Futsushu. All but Futsushu use only Association Yeast No. 14 (Kyōkai No. 14). They all have a modest aroma, a sense of rice umami, and a dignified taste.

To get to know Kachikoma, we recommend tasting the Junmai sake first. It has a smooth mouthfeel, but its flavor and fullness will change your image of Junmaishu. This Junmaishu goes especially well with sashimi such as Japanese amberjack (Buri), Greater amberjack (Kanpachi), and Gnomefish (Kuromutsu).


A photo of Kachikoma JunmaishuSake-brewing rice: Yamadanishiki

Rice polishing ratio:50%

Sake meter value:+3


Amino acid content:-


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