Kokanee (Himemasu)

a photo of Kokanee (Himemasu)

The appearance of Kokanee (Himemasu)

Common name: Kokanee

Japanese name: Himemasu (姫鱒), Chep (チップ)

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus nerka (Walbaum, 1792)

Nigiri sushi detail: Kokanee (Himemasu) Nigiri sushi


Kokanee (Himemasu) is a landlocked form of sockeye salmon that lives its entire life in freshwater. It is distributed in Kamchatka, Alaska, and northern California. The length of adult fish is 20~40 cm. They reach a maximum of 50 cm. Compared to sockeye salmon, it is smaller. Its origin is Lake Akan and Lake Chimikeppu in Hokkaido, but it has been transplanted to Lake Shikotsu, Lake Towada, Lake Chuzenji, and other lakes. The season is from May to July.

It is said to be the most flavorful of all salmon species, with little odor and a rich umami taste. Because of its light flavor, it is cooked in salted broil, sashimi, sushi, meuniere, fried, smoked, etc.

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