Longfinned bullseye (Chikamekintoki)

A photo of Longfinned bullseye (Chikamekintoki)

The appearance of Longfinned bullseye (Chikamekintoki)

Common name: Longfinned bullseye, Big-fin bigeye, Bigeye, Bulleye, Deepwater bullseye, Long-finned bullseye, Longfin bigeye, Red big eye

Japanese name: Chikamekintoki (近眼金時、近目金時)

Taiwan common name: 紅目鰱、嚴公仔、大目仔、紅目孔、嚴公舅

Scientific name: Cookeolus japonicus (Cuvier, 1829)

Nigiri sushi detail: Longfinned bullseye (Chikamekintoki) Nigiri sushi


The longfinned bullseye (Chikamekintoki) is distributed in tropical and subtropical waters of southern Japan and throughout the world. It lives in groups on rocky reefs at depths of 100~650m. The body length is 25~40 cm. Its body shape is ovate-round, with particularly large ventral fins. The body color is vermilion-red. The season is from fall to winter.

The taste of Chikamekintoki is unfortunately inferior to Splendid alfonsino (Kinmedai). Its dark red meat (Chiai) is beautiful, and fresh ones are tasty as sashimi. However, its meat is tender and has little fat, so it should be simmered, dried, or made into one-pot dish.

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