Mirror dory (Kagamidai)

a photo of Mirror dory (Kagamidai)

The appearance of Mirror dory (Kagamidai)

Common name: Mirror dory, Deepsea dory, Deepwater dory, Mirror perch, Nebulous zeid fish, Silver dory, Trawl dory, Dory

Japanese name: Kagamidai (鏡鯛、鑑鯛)

Taiwan common name: 雲紋雨印鯛、雨印鯛、雨的鯛

Scientific name: Zenopsis nebulosa (Temminck & Schlegel, 1845)

Nigiri sushi detail: Mirror dory (Kagamidai) Nigiri sushi


Mirror dory (Kagamidai) is distributed in the Pacific Ocean south of Fukushima Prefecture and along the coasts of the Sea of Japan, Australia and the East China Sea, etc. It inhabits muddy seabeds at depths of 200~800m deeper than John Dory (Matoudai). The body shape is oblong-ovate and laterally flattened. It is sometimes confused with Matoudai, but can be distinguished by its silvery-white body color with a bluish sheen and the thin or non-existent black patch in the center of the body.

It is difficult to process and distribute commercially, so it is inexpensive. It is eaten only locally. It is mainly used as a raw material for fish paste products.


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