Rainbow runner (Tsumuburi)

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The appearance of Rainbow runner (Tsumuburi)

Common name: Rainbow runner, Blue-striped runner, Hawaiian salmon, Prodigal son, Shoemaker

Japanese name: Tsumuburi (紡錘鰤、頭鰤)

Taiwan common name: 雙帶鰺、海草、拉侖、拉崙 (澎湖)、柴魚 (澎湖)、青甘 (澎湖)

Scientific name: Elagatis bipinnulata (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)

Nigiri sushi detail: Rainbow runner (Tsumuburi) Nigiri sushi


Rainbow runners (Tsumuburi) is distributed in temperate to tropical waters of southern Japan and throughout the world. Juveniles grow on driftweed, while adults swim at high speed in the surface layer from the coast to offshore. The body length is about 1 meter. The body is elongated and spindle-shaped. Its body color is yellowish brown with two distinct blue longitudinal stripes on the side of the body.

The larger the fish, the better it tastes, and it is better in cold weather than in warm weather. Because of its bright body color, it is often avoided for cooking, but it is delicious as sashimi, grilled with salt, or steak. The meat is soft and blends well with sushi rice.


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