This section explains the trick to roasting nori (seaweed).

Grilling with bicho charcoal (high-grade charcoal produced from ubame oak) gives seaweed a wonderful aroma and flavor. Bicho charcoal doesn’t flame up, but the heat is strong. The trick is to just let it gently touch the net of the furnace, and quickly turn it over so that it doesn’t burn. It’s not easy to know when to turn it over at first, it takes some getting used to. If you sweep it over the heat, kind of like a broom, it won’t be heated evenly and part of it will burn. Instead of trying to grill it perfectly to 100%, it’s actually better to stop at about 90%, making sure it’s even through to all four corners. This gives the seaweed a vivid color and gives off a nice aroma. Using normal charcoal would cause flames, and the seaweed could catch on fire, and using gas causes moisture. The heat is too weak with electric appliances, so it takes a lot of time to grill. Bicho charcoal is hands-down the best way for roasting seaweed. It makes the seaweed crispy and melts in your mouth.


What nori that are preferred by famous sushi restaurants?






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