Shichiken Tengajyu Junmai Genshu

Shichiken Tengajyu Junmai Genshu is a junmai ginjo sake with a slightly lower alcohol content of 15%, but it is still a raw sake. The name “Tengejyu” means “velvety” on the tongue. The aroma is mild, but it fades away after the first sip.

It has a gorgeous ginjo aroma brought out by long-term low-temperature fermentation control and a refreshing mouthfeel and is delicious when drunk chilled. It is a sake that can be paired with light-flavored dishes, and was created with the aim of enhancing the ingredients of the dish. How could this not go well with nigiri sushi?


a photo of Shichiken Tengajyu Junmai GenshuSake-brewing rice: Miyamanishiki

Rice polishing ratio:60%

Sake meter value:-


Amino acid content:-



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