Signal Crayfish (Uchidazarigani)

A photo of Signal Crayfish (Uchidazarigani)

The appearance of Signal Crayfish (Uchidazarigani)

Common name: Signal Crayfish

Japanese name: Uchidazarigani (内田蝲蛄)

Scientific name: Pacifastacus trowbridgii (Stimpson,1857)

Nigiri sushi detail: Signal Crayfish (Uchidazarigani) Nigiri sushi


Signal Crayfish (Uchidazarigani) were introduced to Lake Mashu from the United States in 1930 as a food source. Since then, its habitat has expanded to rivers, lakes, and marshes in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region. It is a freshwater crayfish that reaches a maximum length of 15 cm. It is characterized by white spots on its scissors. It is native to southwestern Canada and northwestern United States. Its season is from spring to summer. In 2006, it was secondarily designated as a Specified Invasive Alien Species.

European lobster is a staple ingredient in French cuisine and is called écrevisse. As a substitute, Uchidazarigani is also used in top hotels and restaurants in Tokyo. In Lake Akan, it is known as lake lobster and can be enjoyed boiled or served in tendon. Uchidazarigani is found in freshwater, but its taste is just as good as lobster. It is shipped commercially from Lake Akan in Hokkaido.

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