Silver Warehou (Silver)

A photo of Silver Warehou (Silver)

The appearance of Silver Warehou (Silver)

Common name: Silver Warehou, Mackerel trevalla, Spotted trevalla, Spotted warehou, Silverfish

Japanese name: Okiburi, Ginhiras (白平磯)

Scientific name: Seriolella punctata (Forster, 1801)

Nigiri sushi detail: Silver Warehou (Silver) Nigiri sushi


Silver Warehou (Silver) is distributed mainly in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. It is famous as a high-end fish caught in the southeastern part of Australia, New Zealand, and off the coast of Chile. It is found in waters 20-500 m deep. The body length is about 50 cm. Its body color is bluish-grayish brown on the dorsal side, silvery white on the lateral and ventral sides, with a dark spot above the base of the pectoral fins. Known as Warehou in New Zealand and Australia, this fish is popular as sashimi, sushi, and grilled.

It was once distributed in Japan under the names Okiburi and Ginhirasu, but it is now sold in stores under Silver and Silver fish. It has a light flavor that is neither peculiar nor strong and is typical of white fish. The texture of the flesh is similar to that of cod (Tara), and it is easy to eat as it does not harden when heated and has few bones. It is suitable for various dishes such as teriyaki, marinated in miso, simmered, fried, and meuniere.

In the past, it was caught in large numbers in schools, making it reasonably priced. Recently, however, the catch of a similar species, white warehou (Okimedai), has become a protected species, and its catch has decreased, making it more expensive.

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