Spottedtail morwong (Takanohadai)

a photo of Spottedtail morwong (Takanohadai)

The appearance of Spottedtail morwong (Takanohadai)

Common name: Spottedtail morwong, White-spot-tail morwong , Flagfish

Japanese name: Takanohadai (鷹羽鯛、鷹羽魚、太加乃波)

Taiwan common name: 咬破布、三康、金花、萬年瘦、瘦仔 (澎湖)、蝨鬢 (澎湖)

Scientific name: Cheilodactylus zonatus Cuvier, 1830

Nigiri sushi detail: Spottedtail morwong (Takanohadai) Nigiri sushi


Spottedtail morwong (Takanohadai) is distributed from central Honshu southward to the warm waters of the East China Sea and Taiwan. It lives alone on coastal reefs and coral reefs. The body length is 30~45 cm. There are 9 blackish-brown oblique bands on the body side.

It is said to have a strong odor during the summer season and is not suitable for eating. However, this information does not apply to sushi chefs when they select fish for use.


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