White Warehou (Okimedai)

A photo of White Warehou (Okimedai)

The appearance of White Warehou (Okimedai)

Common name: White Warehou, Black cigarfish, Black cubehead, Black cubiceps, Blue fathead, Cubehead, Driftfish, Cigarfish

Japanese name: Okimedai (沖目鯛)

Scientific name: Seriolella caerulea Guichenot, 1848

Nigiri sushi detail: White Warehou (Okimedai) Nigiri sushi


White Warehou (Okimedai) is distributed in the South Island of New Zealand, Campbell Sea, Tasman Sea and southern South America. It lives at depths of 500 to 800 meters. The body is low, laterally declining, and elongated. The maximum length of the body is 70 cm.

Okimedai (White Warehou) is also called Aohirasu because it is bluer than Silver Warehou. Originally, Hirasu was the Kansai name for Goldstriped amberjack (Hiramasa). The name is derived from the fact that its flesh resembles that of Hiramasa.

In a word, White Warehou (Okimedai) is characterized by its firm flesh and light flavor. It is an attractive fish not only in Western cuisine, but also in Washoku. Its light flavor, which goes well with any seasoning, can be used in various cooking methods, such as teriyaki and Saikyo-yaki, to expand the range of creative Japanese-style menus with a luxurious feel.

Around New Zealand, there is a close relative called Blue Warehou (Okihirasu), which also has the alias Hirasu and is easily confused with Silver Warehou (Ginhirasu) and White Warehou (Aohirasu). It is called Common Warehou because it has high commercial value and is often caught in bottom trawl fisheries.

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