Whitefin trevally (Kaiwari)

a photo of Whitefin trevally (Kaiwari)

The appearance of Whitefin trevally (Kaiwari)

Common name: Whitefin trevally, White fin cavalla, Whitefin kingfish, Horse kingfish, Kingfish, whitefin crevalle, White-finned crevalle

Japanese name: Kaiwari (貝割)

Taiwan common name: 高體若鰺、甘仔魚、平鰺、白鯌仔 (澎湖)、瓜仔 (澎湖)

Scientific name: Kaiwarinus equula (Temminck and Schlegel, 1844)

Nigiri sushi detail: Whitefin trevally (Kaiwari) Nigiri sushi


Whitefin trevally (Kaiwari) is distributed south of the central region, in the South China Sea, Indo-Pacific region, and Easter Island. It inhabits shallow coastal waters to depths of up to 100 m near sandy muddy areas. The body length is around 25 cm. Its body color is pale blue with no yellow band in the middle of the body.

The taste is similar to that of Striped jack (Shima aji), and the flesh is firm and very tasty. Nigiri sushi has a rich sweetness and a distinct umami taste in the mouth, and the sushi rice has a pleasant aftertaste. The sushi rice gives it a pleasant aftertaste.


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