Yellowback seabream (Renkodai)

a photo of Yellowback seabream (Renkodai)

The appearance of Yellowback seabream (Renkodai)

Common name: Yellowback seabream, Golden tai, Yellow porgy

Japanese name: Renkodai (連子鯛), Kidai (黄鯛)

Taiwan common name: 黄背牙鯛、赤鯮、赤章

Scientific name: Dentex hypselosomus Bleeker, 1854

Nigiri sushi detail: Yellowback seabream (Renkodai) Nigiri sushi


Yellowback seabream (Renkodai) is distributed in southern Japan except Ryukyu Islands, southern Korean Peninsula, East China Sea and Taiwan. It mainly inhabits the margins of continental shelves at depths of 150~200m. The body length is 35 cm. Body shape is ovate and strongly lateralized. Its body color is yellowish-red without the bright blue spots seen in other bream species. Another name for this species is Kidai (Ki means Yellow) because of its body color.

It is a typical fish caught by trawl net fishing, and is caught in large numbers in the East China Sea, where it is mainly processed. In Japan, it is also used to make salted and grilled sea bream for celebratory occasions.

Fresh Renkodai are especially dark yellow in body color and taste good. It is more commonly used as sushi material in western Japan than in eastern Japan. It is somewhat watery, so the surface is seared with the skin on, and it is used to make nigiri sushi. When the fish is fatty, it has a sweet taste and a pleasant aftertaste.


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