Yellowtail blue snapper (Umeiro)

a photo of Yellowtail blue snapper (Umeiro)

The appearance of Yellowtail blue snapper (Umeiro)

Common name: Yellowtail blue snapper, False fusilier, Gold-backed fusilier, Pedley’s fusilier, Southern fusilier, Yellowback fusilier, Yellowtail fusilier

Japanese name: Umeiro (梅色)

Taiwan common name: 黃擬烏尾鮗、黃雞仔、包公雞、貢仔、黃腳佳仔、黃加甲 (臺東)、烏尾冬 (澎湖)、青雞仔 (澎湖) 

Scientific name: Paracaesio xanthura (Bleeker, 1869)

Nigiri sushi detail: Yellowtail blue snapper (Umeiro) Nigiri sushi


Yellowtail blue snapper (Umeiro) is a warm-sea species, distributed in the Izu Islands, Ogasawara Islands, Wakayama Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture and southwards, and the Indo-West Pacific region. They inhabit rocky reefs at depths of 20~250m in schools. The body length is 25~35 cm. The body is laterally flattened. Its body color is pale blue-purple from the head to the sides, with a broad yellowish tinge from the back to the caudal fin. Its season is from spring to summer.

Its distribution is relatively small, and fish prices are generally high. It is also a poorly known fish. Its flesh is moderately chewy, and the more it is chewed, the more its sweetness gradually spreads. It is cooked in a variety of ways because it does not easily fall apart when heated. Previously, it was mainly made into paste products such as kamaboko.


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