Yellowtail blue snapper (Yosujifuedai)

a photo of Yellowtail blue snapper (Yosujifuedai)

The appearance of Yellowtail blue snapper (Yosujifuedai)

Common name: Yellowtail blue snapper, Yellow and blue seaperch, Blue-striped seaperch,  Common bluestripe snapper, Common blue-strips snapper,  Bluestriped snapper, Bluestripe snapper, Bluestripe seaperch, Bluelined snapper, Blue-lined sea perch, Bluebanded snapper 

Japanese name: Yosujifuedai (四筋笛鯛)

Taiwan common name: 四線笛鯛、四線赤筆、條魚、四線、赤筆仔

Scientific name: Lutjanus kasmira (Forsskål, 1775)

Nigiri sushi detail: Yellowtail blue snapper (Yosujifuedai) Nigiri sushi


Yellowtail blue snapper (Yosujifuedai) is distributed in southern Japan except the Ryukyu Islands, the southern Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. It prefers shallow waters in inner bays and inhabits rocky reef areas. The body length is 25~30 cm. Its body color is pink with a black band across the eyes that reaches the caudal fin. Its season is from fall to winter.

Yosujifuedai is one of the so-called unused fish. Its white flesh is slightly pale, so it is best to sear the skin before serving it as sashimi. The bigger the fish is, the better it tastes. Otherwise, it is grilled with salt or simmered. This fish is not found in the Kanto region.


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