Introducing the Kindle book, Beyond the Sushi Chef

On sushi-related websites, you can view recipe videos and even professional preparation methods. We really are living in a convenient age where you can access any information you want. On the other hand, that information is average and the content on each website is more or less the same, save the way it is presented. In other words, there may not be any new information beyond this.

There hasn’t been much new information on nigiri sushi (also known as Edomae sushi) for the past 30 years or so, when a number of print books were published. However, the fact is that in recent years, young sushi chefs in the industry have come to the forefront, taking long-awaited steps into a new stage, while still maintaining 200 years of nigiri sushi tradition. In light of the recent circumstances, the Sushi University website was created in 2015 as a place to check basic knowledge that even Japanese people don’t know. The number of articles is still steadily increasing, and as the creators, we can’t help but feel the depth of nigiri sushi. However, the website gives an undeniable impression that articles have just been added over time, and rather than a thoughtfully designed city, it feels more like a complicated maze built on top of an old city.

Therefore, in order to provide you with the quickest access to the points you want to know about nigiri sushi, we have taken only the nigiri sushi information from the articles on the website, comprehensively added to it, and edited it entirely. Of course, there are many articles that have been newly compiled as well. The result is that the amount of information exceeds the experience and knowledge even of veteran sushi chefs.

In addition, since it was launched as an e-book, it is easy to access the exact information you want, anytime, anywhere. It takes anyone time to fully understand something just by reading text. Therefore, like the website, many illustrations and images have been included. By doing this, we are sure that the book is easy to understand and the ultimate Nigiri Sushi Bible.

Get a taste of the latest in the world of nigiri sushi through this book.

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