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White flesh fish

A photo of makogarei nigiri
Marbled sole (Makogarei)

Marbled sole (Makogarei)

【Nigiri sushi: Shiromi
What is Marbled sole (Makogarei)?
Makogarei (Marbled sole) lives in the shallow areas of inner bays from Hokkaido to Kyushu. Its time to shine is every year from March to April when the Hirame sheds its fat and thins down. Those found in Tokyo Bay are especially highly valued. In Tokyo Bay they are small compared to other production areas, only reaching around 1 kilogram at the largest, and they have a deep umami flavor.

What does Makogarei (Marbled sole) nigiri sushi taste like?
Set aside overnight or for a few days, then its meat will get moist and tender. Palatable sweet taste spreads in mouth. Transparent white meat evokes a cool image of summer. Unlike red flesh, white flesh has a depth and delicacy that can be fully enjoyed.

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List of White flesh fish (Shiromi)

Main production area

TokyoBay Seto Inland Sea Oita

Famous production area

Hiji  Futtsu Shinminato