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Red flesh fish

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Southern Bluefin tuna (Minamimaguro)

Southern Bluefin tuna (Minamimaguro)

What is Minamimaguro?
Along with kuromaguro (Bluefin tuna), minamimaguro is a rare and highly valued topping at sushi restaurants. The meat is similar in quality to kuromaguro, but it has a unique fragrance and is characterized by having more potent fat than kuromaguro. The belly meat is thick and produces a higher volume of otoro and chutoro. The akami of minamimaguro is darker and a more vivid in color than kuromaguro. Minamimaguro is a deep-sea migratory fish that lives only in the Indian Ocean and can weigh up to 200 kg.

What does Minamimaguro taste like?
Some sushi connoisseurs even prefer Southern Bluefin tuna (Minamimaguro), as the lean meat lacks the slight acidity and faint aroma of blood that can be found in Pacific Bluefin tuna. Frozen southern bluefin tuna are imported from New Zealand and Indonesia during summer, since the regular Bluefin tuna’s fat content will be reduced in its spawning season. Its red meat is palatable and the fattiest part ootoro is one of the expensive ingredients of sushi; its tastiness lingers on the palate. With an extra wasabi makes ootoro even tastier.

Main production area

Australia New Zealand Indonesia

Famous production area

Indian Ocean