Broadbanded velvetchin (Setodai)

A photo of Broadbanded velvetchin (Setodai)

The appearance of Broadbanded velvetchin (Setodai)

Common name: Broadbanded velvetchin, Belted beard grunt, Sweetlip

Japanese name: Setodai (瀬戸鯛、田守)

Taiwan common name: 銅盆魚、石飛魚、打鐵婆、黑文丞、番圭誌

Scientific name: Hapalogenys analis Richardson, 1845

Nigiri sushi detail: Broadbanded velvetchin (Setodai) Nigiri sushi


Broadbanded velvetchin (Setodai) is distributed in southern Japan, southern Korean Peninsula, East China Sea, and Taiwan. In Japan, it is found in inland waters such as the Seto Inland Sea and Ariake Sea. It inhabits sandy muddy bottoms on continental shelves. Total length is up to 20 cm. It is a very beautiful fish with distinct stripes on its body, and its dorsal, caudal, and buttock fins are yellowish with black trailing edges.

Its fine white flesh is firm and has a rich flavor. The skin is aromatic, and it is delicious as sashimi. It is also delicious simmered or meuniere.

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