Hitakami Yasuke Houjun Karakuchi Junmai Ginjo

The owner of this sake brewery frequents sushi restaurants around the country in constant pursuit of sake to pair with sushi. His top recommendation is Hitakami Yasuke Houjun Karakuchi Junmai Ginjo. It is not a fruity “ginjoko” flavor but a nuanced fragrance perfect for dining (and especially for sushi). It is a sake that protects the delicacy of white fish, and the freshness of vinegared silver fish, the maturity of akami, and even the full-body of conger eel. It is crisp and dry, but you will not tire of its rich umami. By cooling this sake at the temperature of around 15 degrees Celsius, which is colder than regular sushi toppings, it brings out a delicate sweetness of white-flesh fish, crustaceans, squid, shellfish and others. It is a very delicate drink so storage at low temperature is recommended.

The brewery (Hirako shuzo) was founded in 1861. “Yasuke” is a false name used by a general who lost at Genpei war and run off into Sushi restaurant in Kabuki play called “Yoshitsune Senbon Zakura”. From the play, sushi was called Yasuke from Meiji to Showa era among Geisha. 


  Sake-brewing rice:Kura-no-hana (蔵の華)

  Rice polishing ratio:50%

  Sake meter value:-


  Amino acid content:-


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