Kirinzan Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi

The production rate of Kirinzan Junmai Ginjo Karakuchi is more than 10 times the average brewery and is in the top 100 of all of Japan. This is the only brewery at this scale that houses the entire process from cultivation to actually making the sake and their goal is to become the first brewery to achieve the wine concept of Terroir. Because this sake has a dry finish, producing a full, refined rice taste, it is an excellent pair with sashimi and sushi. Of course it tastes good at room temperature, but it is recommended to be served slightly chilled. It also drinks well warm.

“Terroir” is a wine concept in France, and means the individuality that occurs in grapes due to various conditions during cultivation such as climate, water, and soil. In a broad sense, it refers to exclusively using local ingredients to express individuality.


Sake-brewing rice: Takanenishiki

Rice polishing ratio:50%

Sake meter value:+3.0


Amino acid content:1.3



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