Sushi Restaurant FAQs

Do you know that there are rankings for negitoro?

What is the difference between “鮨,” “鮓” and “寿司”?

What are Omakase, Okonomi and Okimari?

Why do sushi chefs make the sushi in front of the customers?

Do you know the difference? there are two way to make sushi, “skin-up ” and “skin-down” about a conger eel.

What is the difference between maturing and rotting?

What are Meji , Chubou and Maguro?

Where should soy sauce be applied to the sushi?

What is Uwami and Shitami?

What is the difference between the taste of marbled and lined fatty tuna?

Why doesn’t rice stick to the sushi chef’s hands?

Why is freshly-caught fish allowed to age?

Why does the bill more when ordering sashimi at a prestigious restaurant?

Why are two pieces of sushi made at once?

Why don’t I notice the fishy smell in sushi restaurants?

Why do some sushi toppings have ginger instead of wasabi?

Where should I grab the sushi when eating with chopsticks?

Have you heard of the more rare parts of the tuna?

Why aren’t the prices included on the menu at premium sushi restaurants?

Why is sushi eaten with soy sauce?

Why is Zuke used for lean meat?

Which wines pair well with sushi?

Why are the prices at fancier sushi restaurants and Conveyor belt sushi so different?

Why is sushi served with Gari?

What are “ikejime” and “nojime”?

Why is it that sea urchin can taste bitter?

Why is it important to avoid wearing too much perfume?


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