Tokubetsu Junmai Denshu

This is a representative brand of Denshu and an orthodox Junmai sake recommended for beginners. The rice used for this sake is “Hanabukiyuki,” which is ideal for junmai sake. Hanafukiyuki is characterized by its low acidity that stands out and is well balanced with sweetness. When poured into a glass, a subtle fruity aroma like that of muscat rises from the glass, without the alcohol’s stimulating effect.

It has the flavor and breadth of a junmai sake, but without the unpleasant weight that lingers on the palate. It is a refreshing drink that never gets boring, and goes well with both Japanese and Western cuisine, enhancing the flavors of the ingredients. The refreshing taste also makes it an easy brand to drink even for those who are not fond of sake.


a photo of Denshu Tokubetsu JinnmaiSake-brewing rice: Hanabukiyuki

Rice polishing ratio:55%

Sake meter value:±0


Amino acid content:-



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