Yellowbelly threadfin bream (Sokoitoyori)

a photo of Yellowbelly threadfin bream (Sokoitoyori)

The appearance of Yellowbelly threadfin bream (Sokoitoyori)

Common name: Yellowbelly threadfin bream, Yellow belly, Yellow-bellied threadfin-bream, Bottom threadfin-bream

Japanese name: Sokoitoyori (底糸縒)

Taiwan common name: 底金線魚、紅海鯽、金線鰱、紅姑鯉 (澎湖)

Scientific name: Nemipterus bathybius Snyder, 1911

Nigiri sushi detail: Yellowbelly threadfin bream (Sokoitoyori) Nigiri sushi


Yellowbelly threadfin bream (Sokoitoyori) is distributed in warm seas from southern Japan south of the Boso Peninsula to the South China Sea, the Philippines, Indonesia, and northern Australia. Body length is 25~30 cm. It is slightly smaller than Golden threadfin bream (Itoyoridai). It lives on muddy bottoms at depths of 150~200m. It is a Sokoitoyori if its ventral side is yellow as if painted with fluorescent paint, and an Itoyoridai if its ventral side is white.

The taste is said to be inferior to that of Itoyoridai, but this may be due to a lack of information. The skin is soft, so it can be made into Nigiri sushi without Yubiki. It is also good as Kobujime. Sokoitoyori is generally less expensive than Itoyoridai.


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