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Fish roe

Northern sea urchin (Murasaki uni) Northern sea urchin (Murasaki uni)

Northern sea urchin (Murasaki uni)

Sea urchin with fine texture and ocean flavor is meltingly delicious. Creamy and sweet after taste. Unlike salmon roe, the seaweed flavor loses a bit of the delicate sweetness so there are some sushi chefs who rarely make sea urchin in a roll. It is served with a splash of Nikiri and wasabi on top.

What is the difference between Northern sea urchin and Purple sea urchin?
Purple and Northern sea urchins (Kitamurasaki uni) are very similar, but Northern sea urchins (Murasaki uni) are a size larger than their Purple counterparts. Purple sea urchins are about 6cm in diameter and Northern sea urchins are around 10cm in diameter. Purple sea urchin habitats are generally found in warmer ocean areas such as Kyushu or China regions while the Northern sea urchins are found in colder waters around Hokkaido and Tohoku areas. The purple-colored sea urchins commonly found at markets are generally Northern sea urchins.

Main production area

Hokkaido Aomori Toyama

Famous production area

Miyako Hakodate