Hakurakusei Junmai Ginjoshu

Winner of the GOLD award in the Junmai Ginjoshu division of Sake Competition 2017. Actually, it won the GOLD award for four years straight in the Junmai sake division. It isn’t full-bodied, but you can enjoy the mellow taste. It’s not apparent when the acidic flavor first enters your mouth, but then it hits you, light and lingering, but not dragging on too long and the vivacious aftertaste stimulates your appetite. As the ultimate sake to pair with food, it was created to be drunk at the temperature range when it’s just come out of the fridge. This is because this the “reishisan,” an acid which is found in wine and tastes good when cold, has been controlled in the making of this sake. Of course, please make sure you keep it in the refrigerator.


Sake-brewing rice: Kura-no-hana

Rice polishing ratio:55%

Sake meter value:-


Amino acid content:-



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