Isojiman Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi55

The brewery (Isojiman sake brewing) was founded in 1830. Riverbed water from Ooi river originated from Ainodake mountain of southern Alps is used for sake making. The water is soft and tastes good. The brewery is at Yaizu city which is warm in winter, therefore, sake is made in cold, stainless tank. Since it is Ginjo-kura, all of made sake are stored and aged in a refrigerator lower then 5 degrees.

Isojiman suddenly gained notoriety because it was selected as the sake for the Toyako G8 Summit toast in 2008. It was again selected as the sake for the toast at the new Iseshima Summit (G7) in 2016. In order to make sake like that of the north in the warm climate of Shizuoka prefecture, the sake brewery uses stainless steel to make the cellar environment like a refrigerator. This particular brewery has invested heavily in equipment to make this sake in a stable environment, including installation of equipment with functions for rapid heating and cooling, a rarity in the prefecture. It has a modest aroma and the color is clear. However, once it fills your mouth, you are instantly immersed in the transparent and clear sensation that absorbs the fat of fish, turning it into the perfect amount of umami.


Sake-brewing rice: Omachi

Rice polishing ratio:55%

Sake meter value:+3.0


Amino acid content:




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