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Barracuda (Kamasu)

Barracuda (Kamasu)

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What is Barracuda (Kamasu)?
Kamasu (Red Barracuda) is found from the southern region Sea of Japan coasts to the South China Sea, except Okinawa. They grow up to 40 cm in length. It is elongate and cylindrical, with a long head and sharp teeth.

There are two types of barracuda on the market, known as Yamato kamasu (the Japanese barracuda) and Aka kamasu (Red barracuda). It’s the Red barracuda that you’ll find used as a sushi topping. The two are called Kamasu without distinguishing between them.

Kamasu is a fish with a high water content in its flesh. While Sanma has about 60% water content, Kamasu has more than 70%, even though they are in season at the same time. Therefore, more and more sushi chefs are making sushi after lightly salting and searing kamasu to remove the water content.

The fatty barracuda in autumn is especially delicious, and it is characterized by its light umami. It can be served skinned, sometimes it is grilled using the Yakishimozukuri* with the skin, which has a unique flavor, left on.

*A cooking method of grilling fish fillet with a little bit of skin left, over high heat for a short time and cooling it down. Its purpose is to transfer the roasted skin fat into the meat. Used mainly for fish with thick and hard skin, like Mackerel (Saba) and Chicken grunt (Isaki).

Also called Brown barracuda or Good salmon.

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