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Prawn and crab

A photo of Botan ebi nigiri
Botan shrimp (Botan ebi)

Botan shrimp (Botan ebi)

What is Botanebi?
Botan ebi lives at depths of about 200 to 500 meters in cold seas. The higher the temperatures of the water, the deeper they live. They used to live in many places in the Pacific Ocean south of Hokkaido’s Funka Bay, but they’ve become scarce in Hokkaido and Toyama, so Japan mostly relies on imports from Russia and Alaska.

【Nigiri: Ebi/Kani】What does Botanebi nigiri taste like?
Botan ebi has a more potent sweetness and luxurious flavor than Ama ebi shrimp. This prawn should be made into Nigiri sushi with gentle hand pressure as it has soft flesh. Sometimes bluish-green roe is placed on top of sushi or rolled with Gunkan maki style.

Scientific name: Pandalus nipponensis (Yokoya, 1933)

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