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A photo of Shima ebi nigiri
Morotoge shrimp (Shima ebi)

Morotoge shrimp (Shima ebi)

【Nigiri sushi: Ebi/Kani】
What is Shimaebi?
Shima ebi is found from Hokkaido to Fukui prefecture on the Sea of Japan side of Japan, as well as along the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula and Sakhalin. They are especially numerous at depths of 1 to 6 meters in places with high concentrations of Zostera marina.

What does Shimaebi (Morotoge shrimp) nigiri sushi taste like?
Although its proper name is Morotoge red shrimp, generally called as “shimaebi” due to its red tate-jima (vertical stripe) pattern. Often caught with amaebi (sweet shrimp) and botanebi (botan shrimp), but its fish haul is relatively small. Considered to be an expensive nigiri sushi ingredient. Its flesh has a well-balanced sweetness and fine flavor.

Scientific name: Pandalus latirostris
(Revision date: November 3, 2022)

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